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Terms & Conditions

Hi Boona!

Before making a purchase, please read the Terms and Conditions first.

Terms and Conditions

- By making a purchase transaction at Ryoona, Boona means agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and stating that they are bound and subject to the applicable Terms and Conditions.

- Prices displayed on the Ryoona website are accurate and in effect at the time the prices are listed. Prices are subject to change at any time, however, changes will not affect orders that have been confirmed by Ryoona. Boona will only pay the price stated on the confirmed order form.

- Ryoona is responsible for the availability of all Products displayed on the Ryoona website. If the product stock is not available or out of stock, Ryoona will include a statement that the product is not available or out of stock.

- Regarding availability, product stock can change at any time, so that in an empty product stock state, Ryoona has the right to refuse orders from buyers and refunds.

- Boona is obliged to read, understand, and agree to the information/description of the entire product and price before making an offer or commitment to buy by filling out the order form.

- Boona is deemed to have understood, acknowledged, accepted and approved the Product and Price as well as the description and condition of the product as it was when Boona sent the order form to the seller.

- Ryoona will send you an order receipt notification stating that the order has been received, a summary of the order and payment instructions for the buyer to make.

- If the buyer finds an error in writing data in the order form, the buyer can immediately contact our admin via the chat feature or the number listed on the Ryoona website

- Completion of the period for making payments is given as long as it is in accordance with the information stated at the time of purchase. If you don't make a payment after that time period, the order will be automatically cancelled.

- After the Buyer makes payment and confirmation of payment is received by Ryoona, then Ryoona will send a notification to the buyer that the order will be processed immediately.

- Payment is made by the buyer in Rupiah (IDR). Order payment can be made via bank transfer directly to the account number listed on the Ryoona website.

*Transaction Value is Product Price + Shipping Fee

- Payment is considered paid if the amount of money received by Ryoona matches the amount to be paid as stated in the order form. Boona is expected to immediately confirm payment through the “Payment Confirmation” feature available on the Ryoona website or contact us via chat.

- Ryoona is not responsible if Boona makes an error in writing the name and account number of the destination and transfer information or the negligence of the bank when Boona makes the payment.

- When receiving an order, Boona must immediately check the condition of the product and ensure the correctness, quantity and quality of the product received.

- If the order received by Boona does not match, please contact our admin directly via chat for further settlement terms through the contact found on the website.

- When requesting a return, please include a video of the unboxing from the start while the packaging is still intact.


Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is a provision regarding the type of personal information that the Boona obtains, how the information is used and how the information is stored.

- In providing the best service to Boona, Ryoona will require your data as follows: name, address, telephone number, email, and proof of payment transfer.

- By completing the order form, the Boona is deemed to have agreed to provide data to Ryoona for the purpose of shipping products and Ryoona hereby promises and guarantees the confidentiality of the data provided to Ryoona.

Ryoona is always committed to providing the best service for customers. If customers have problems using the Ryoona website and have questions, comments or suggestions, Boona can contact us via chat or email.