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Ask Ryoona

Where do the products come from and where is Ryoona based at?

We are proud to create and deliver local Indonesian products.

Ryoona’s is based at West Jakarta


When was Ryoona founded?

Ryoona was founded in January 2020, West Jakarta. Starting from our cleansing balm product, which is Ryoona's signature product


Is there an offline store?

Not yet, for the moment we only sell Ryoona products online


Where can we buy the products other than on ryoona.com website?

You can directly visit our Ryoona.official Instagram page or through Shopee and Tokopedia marketplaces.


Are the products 100% natural and preservative free?

Our products uses a wide variety of natural extracts and active ingredients  targeting various skin problems. So you can't say that our products are 100% natural. To maintain the freshness & stability of the product, we choose preservatives for some products but to answer certain skin needs, we don't use Parabens, Mineral Oil, DEA, MEA & TEA.


Do the products contain fragrances?

Some of them do not contain fragrances (the scents are inherited from the extracts used) and some contain fragrances but, in very low concentrations


Does Ryoona product have an expiration period?

There is. Please read the respective product descriptions. The average product shelf-life is 1-2 years from the time of production


Does Ryoona product already have BPOM?

Ryoona products have been registered at BPOM https://cekbpom.pom.go.id


How will the products be delivered?

Using delivery courier AnterAja, SiCepat, J&T